Michael Kato

Michael Kato

President, Japanese Greats Co., Ltd

Suginami, Japan

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His background

  • Today
    September 2014


    Japanese Greats Co., Ltd

    Consulting with Japanese companies and organizations around their globalization strategies and programs; Consulting with global companies and organizations regarding their Japan-based strategies and programs. High concentration on businesses and products with an ecological, wellness, and community-based focus.
  • Today
    April 2013

    Director Business development consulting

    Alliance Inc.

    Business development consulting for health, ecological, and other products and services in
    international markets
  • Today
    June 2006

    Learning Consultant

    FreeAx, Inc.

    Providing learning consulting to a broad range of clients:
  • Today
    October 2014
    October 2011

    Learning Consultant

    Digital Communications

    Project management, consulting, technical translation, interpreting and other assistance,
    including project for Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and
    Fuji Xerox Learning Institute on digital textbooks for support of people with disabilities, digital
    publishing technology consulting with several clients based in Taiwan, and others.
  • Today
    April 2014
    September 2013

    Digital Consultant

    Ice Mobile

    Consulting on digital implementations, localization, and cloud-based development with
    BrandLoyalty KK, local supermarket clients, and development partners, including NTT
    subsidiaries and Canon IT Solutions. Primary interface for all negotiations and development
    between Ice Mobile, based in the Netherlands and all Japanese clients and partners.
  • Today
    March 2014
    May 2006

    Learning Consultant

    Ratio International

    Established a number of programs in the Tohoku region, providing solar energy producing
    systems for 8 schools over 2 years, winning 8 separate competitions for funds from Coca-Cola
    for outstanding educational support initiatives in the disaster-stricken Tohoku region.
  • Today
    May 2013
    August 2012

    business development

    Assist Co., Ltd. International

    consulting, particularly for environmental technology
    products ,
  • Today
    June 2012
    July 2011

    Business development

    Houghton Mifflin

    Business development consulting in Japan for marketing of ICT-based educational content and
  • Today
    August 2010
    June 2006

    Project management

    Horus Vision, Inc.

    Project management, consulting, technical translation, interpreting and other assistance as
    needed between HV and several manufacturing contractors in Japan. Primary work involves
    the transfer of knowledge/expectations as expressed in client's specifications to Japanese
    contractors. Products utilize analog optics and engineering, and manufacturing partners
    consisted of reticule (lens), metal/plastic fabrication, and precision assembly plants, so the work
    consisted of very careful and detailed bilingual communications and documentation.
  • Today
    September 2009
    August 2008

    Member of Board of Directors

    Agora K.K.

  • Today
    December 2006
    October 2006


    The Princeton Review Japan

    Planning and implementation of e-learning solution using platform provided by Medic Quest
    K.K. Resolved issue of producing materials over tight schedule integrating instructor-led
    courses utilizing video, presentation materials, software, and whiteboard and web-based
    delivery. Project included integration of both the content production platform and Web-based
    delivery application.
  • Today

    Learning Consultant

    Thomson NETg, Inc.

    Responsible for pre- and post-sales technical and content support for business partners,
    resellers, and global clients in Japan and Korea, as well as regional client operations in China.
    Business Partners included Wilson Learning Worldwide Japan (WLW), Fujitsu Learning Media
    (FLM), IBM Japan, EDS, Sun Education, LightWorks, and IQS. Strong demand for technical
    support to Japanese content localization teams in FLM and WLW. Learning Consultant role
    included support for e-learning products in IT and soft skills, training and support for business
    partners/resellers/global clients, and sales-sided technical support/training.
  • Today

    Project Implementation Manager

    Imagination Station Inc.

    Responsible for training, support, communications, and business partner relations between
    Imagination Station (based in Dallas, TX) and Japanese investor and business partner Try
    Group. Imagination Station was an Internet-based reading intervention environment optimized
    for children. Japanese business partner provided investment capital to Imagination Station and
    rights to resale of products and services in Japan after localization and modifications for foreign
    language learners.
    ALC Press, Inc. Project Coordinator, International Division; also Seven Seas Club and
  • Today

    Project Coordinator

    Academic Transfer, Inc.

    Developed and administered a wide range of academic programs and business projects,
    including foreign exchanges, study tours, seminars, etc. Clients included colleges and
    universities in Japan and overseas, Japanese junior and senior high schools, trade schools, and
    corporations. Business included development of instructional materials, software, programs,
    seminars, facilities, and financing of such programs. Many partners included academic
    institutions, Kinokuniya Books, Mitsui Trust and Banking Corporation, C.Itoh and Company,
    real estate and construction companies, and others.

    Partial Client List (listed approximately in reverse chronological order)
  • University of California, Santa Cruz

    Bachelors Degree
    Most of my undergraduate work was at the University of California, Berkeley (19080-83).
  • University of California, Berkeley

    Transferred to UCSC in August 1984 to complete bachelor's degree (Future Studies independent major)

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His skills

  • Business channel development
  • XML
  • World Support
  • Takeovers
  • Responsible for training
  • Project Management
  • Post Sales
  • Oncology
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Employee Development
  • ELearning
  • Development of materials and concepts
  • Develop strategy
  • Curriculum Development
  • Corporate training
  • Content support
  • Content development
  • Youth development

His languages

  • English
  • Japanese

    About him

    Age: 52 Years Young
    Citizenship: U.S.A.
    Visa/Marital Status: Permanent Resident/Married/2 children
    Years in Japan: 28+ Years
    Teaching/Coaching, Corporate Training and Employee Development, Content and
    Core Competencies: Curriculum Development, Writing, Project Management, Business Development

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    Jasmine Whitbread
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    • Minister of Education, Government Administration
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